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Connex500 Multi-material Moving Assembly

Industrial Plastic Fabrications Ltd are a Plastic Machining and Fabrications specialist, as well as a 3D printing service bureau, offering a print on demand service. IPF are passionate about 3D printing and plastic machining, having gained a fantastic reputation for out of the ordinary rapid prototypes and high quality machined plastic parts, supplying a wide range of industries including TV/Films, Motor Sport, Medical, Defence and Product Development.

IPF keep up to date with the high end professional kits, offering the best results on finish and accuracy. We are the first company in the UK to have an Objet500 Connex3 - the worlds first Multi-material colour 3D Printer, along with 3 Connex multi-material printers, plus a large FDM capacity from Stratasys and a micro modelling system from Envisiontec that builds fantastic figurines of pop stars and film stars, I would love to tell you who but it’s all secret.CNC-Machining-Large-Acrylic-Block-207x300

Our Perspex Machining and Fabrication, makes anything from plastic widgets to chandeliers or a Perspex bed for James Bond!

IPF have continued to invest in equipment for plastic processing, with a CNC Laser for profiling, cutting and engraving, our Datron M8 Plastic Mill; A High-Speed CNC Machining centre designed specifically for Machining plastics to produce excellent surface finish, accuracy and quality. Combined with our U.V. Digital printer, Diffusion Bonding and Machine Diamond Polished Acrylic, CNC turning, Forming and Fabrication services makes IPF a one stop shop for goods.

The aim here is to keep pushing the boundaries, making sure that we keep getting better and offering more services such as laser profiling, engraving, UV colour printing and diamond polishing of acrylics.

Please browse through our site for further details and examples of completed works. Keep up to date with our current projects via our Blog, by following us on social media, or see our YouTube demonstrations!


Contact us on: T: 01992 893231     E:sales@ipfl.co.uk