Perspex Fabrication

At IPF we use plastic fabrication to provide essential plastic parts for a wide range of industries including medical, aerospace, security, audio & broadcasting.

Plastic fabrications are cemented together using Tensol, UV curing and polyurethane cements to a high specification. This provides a cost effective method for small batch production across a wide range of fabricated parts. The perfect solution for all your perspex and acrylic fabrication needs.

We also form plastic components to your exact specification using vacuum forming, drape forming, blowing, pressing and line bending techniques, providing a wide variety of parts with a minimum of tooling costs.


Plastic fabrication representing an Ice Block, fabricated from PVC vacuum formed panels and polycarbonate machined strips.  Onsite assembly by the client, bolting frames together around full size car.  Batch size 2.

Please see below examples of Plastic Fabrication completed here at IPF.